Installing Sunburnt

Sunburnt’s current release is 0.6.

You can install sunburnt via pip, you can download a release, or you can pull from the git repository.

To use sunburnt, you’ll need an Apache Solr installation. Sunburnt currently requires at least version 1.4 of Apache Solr.

Using pip

If you have pip installed, just type:

pip install sunburnt

If you’ve got an old version of sunburnt installed, and want to upgrade, then type:

pip install -U sunburnt

That’s all you need to do; all dependencies will be pulled in automatically.

Using a downloaded release

You can get versions of sunburnt from pypi.

wget tar xzf sunburnt-0.6.tar.gz cd sunburnt-0.6 install

Before using sunburnt, you need to make sure you have httplib2 and lxml installed.

Using git

You can install the latest code from github by doing

git clone
cd sunburnt install

Again, you’ll need to have httplib2 and lxml installed.

Note that there’s no guarantees that the latest git version will be particularly stable!

Installing and configuring Solr

If you’re using sunburnt to connect to an existing Solr installation, then you won’t need further instructions.

Otherwise, the solr wiki contains helpful instructions on installing and configuring Solr, and you can set up a simple server by following the tutorial.

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