Deleting documentsΒΆ

You can delete documents individually, or delete all documents resulting frmo a query.

To delete documents individually, you need to pass a list of the documents to sunburnt. You can pass them as dictionaries or objects, as for add(). Note that in this case, matching will be done by id, not by matching the full document. If you pass in a document which is different from that in the index, the indexed document with the same id will be deleted, even if all the other attributes are different.

si.delete(obj) # you can pass a single object (or dictionary)
si.delete(list_of_objs) # or a list of objects or dictionaries.

You can also simply pass in an id, or list of ids, rather than the whole document

si.delete(["0553573403", "0553579908"])

To delete documents by query, you construct one or more queries from Q objects, in the same way that you construct a query as explained in Optional terms and combining queries. You then pass those queries into the delete() method:

si.delete(queries=si.Q("game")) # or a list of queries

If you need to, you can mix and match individual deletion and deletion by query.

si.delete(docs=list_of_docs, queries=list_of_queries)

To clear the entire index, there is a shortcut which simply deletes every document in the index.


Deletions, like additions, only take effect after a commit (or autocommit).


Optional arguments to delete:

delete() takes additional optional arguments: commit, commitWithin, softCommit, expungeDeletes, waitSearcher, optimize, maxSegments.
See for details.

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